Five Fast Facts – What Does our Aging Population Need?

  1. Our aging population needs better sidewalks and crosswalks In this podcast David Foot, an economist and demographer at University of Toronto, addresses the need for longer pedestrian lights at crosswalks for older people who walk more slowly and tapered sidewalk curbs that reduce the chances of older adults tripping. These needs align with the […]

Calgary Housing Choice and Affordability Ignores Car Dependency

Research by University of Calgary professor Dr. Noel Keough shows the surprising impact that transportation choice has on the affordability of home rental and purchase. The report entitled: Action Research on Transportation Housing Affordability, funded by the Calgary Mortgage and Housing Corporation, details how for different income levels and communities in Calgary, car ownership costs […]

Economic Update: How are Calgarians faring?

The synopsis: Calgary is experiencing increasing income inequality, and, being disproportionately dependent upon the oil and gas sector, our economy may not prove resilient to change – neither of which rank us very highly in terms of sustainability.  The decrease to our unemployment rate is encouraging, but tempered by increases in food bank usage, inadequate […]