Five fast facts: why we need to charge for parking

5 Fast Facts – Why We Need to Charge for Parking

By Kate Beck Book Review: The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup Free parking contributes to urban sprawl, automobile dependence, public health problems and environmental degradation. Because cities have been designed with the idea that everyone should be able to park for free wherever they are going, we have sprawling cities with more […]

Review of Calgary's new cycle tracks

Review of Calgary’s New Cycle Tracks

By Kate Beck Calgary’s new cycle tracks through the downtown core have been a major topic of discussion this summer. There have been many positive reviews, some mixed reviews, and some negative reviews, so I decided to go check the new cycle tracks out for myself. Like we’ve done in the past with some of […]

Six Fast Facts – What Kids Need in Cities

In recent decades, our cities and our ideas around childhood and parenting have changed a lot, however, one of the most significant changes is that children are disappearing from our cities’ public places and outdoor spaces. 1) Kids Need Cities They can Explore On Their Own This article, mentions Free-Range Parenting, a type of parenting […]

Talking about Winter Walking: Winter Retrospective 1 of 3

During our work in the Bridgeland community over the last few months, we have heard a lot about difficulties residents face when walking in the neighbourhood during the winter, specifically difficulties seniors living in the neighbourhood face. This past January we followed the same route a local group of seniors “walk-audited” last autumn in order […]

Cyclists of Calgary – Winter 2014/2015

For years, the majority of people in our city have assumed that once the temperatures drop below 0 C and the snow drifts begin to build up, we put away our walking shoes, tuck our bikes into the garage and bundle into our cars for 8 months until the walking and cycling weather returns. But […]

Activity Report: Active Neighbourhoods

Celia Lee, Project Lead Facilitator for Active Neighbourhoods, reports on the project’s status and how we’ll be selecting and working with our chosen communities.  We’ve been hearing a lot about Active Neighbourhoods and what they mean; can you tell me about the main goal of the Active Neighbourhoods Project? We’ll be working with communities to help […]

Active Neighbourhoods: Destinations

Commuting to work and school can seem like the most arduous daily trips we make and therefore draw our attention. In reality, they account for just a fraction of our daily travel. The majority of our travel is for social, recreational, shopping or other purposes. Providing opportunities in our communities for people to socialize, participate in activities […]

What Is Active Transportation?

Active Transportation is about getting around by using your own steam, be that walking, biking, and even transit. It may seem strange that transit is in that same mix, but since there are usually fairly significant portions of a trip that are spent walking (be that to a transit stop or to your destination after […]

Active Neighbourhoods: Engagement

In our previous posts, we suggested that the definition of an Active Neighbourhood can have numerous connotations: green, safe, interactive, sustainable. They can include safe schools and parks, transport options, bike lanes and public spaces. For Noel Keough, Assistant Professor, Urban Design at the University of Calgary, an Active Neighbourhood includes all of those things and […]