Hot Spots and Cool Ideas from Acadians

Hot Spots, Cool Ideas from ‘Acadians’

What do Acadia residents have to say?  We rounded up their “hot spots” and “cool ideas”.

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Feedback was gathered in door-to-door surveys, an online survey, at community events and resident interviews.

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Suggestions were plentiful:

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“My vision for Acadia: Safe, continuous, straight routes making recreational riding, access to C-Train and light shopping trips easy.”

“Fairmount is like Mad Max on that road! You can get run down on sidewalks by bicycles, but it’s because they don’t feel safe on the roads.”

“Acadia has an aging population and seniors aren’t all handy to the bus – it’s difficult to navigate, and it’s getting harder.  My friend would be unable to do most of her activities if she couldn’t drive her car.”

“McLeod Trail creates such a physical barrier to the LRT.  That’s why students proposed a green bridge several years ago.”

“There is a shortage of public washrooms.”




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