Let’s talk about… McKenzie Towne!

Let’s talk about… McKenzie Towne!

In preparation for Let’s talks about… Neighbourhoods, d.talks and Active Neighbourhoods went into McKenzie Towne for a local wine tasting to find out what residents do in their hood, how they feel about it, and how they get around.  Here’s what we heard:


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So how does this reflect on how we design communities?  Join us tomorrow, May 18 at the Glenbow, where we’ll be talking suburbs: what they’re doing right, what challenges and opportunities they present, and what they’ll look like in the future.  We look to McKenzie Towne – a neighbourhood envisioned as a suburb of the future – as a Calgary case study.

Have additional feedback on McKenzie Towne or the future of the suburbs?  Feel free to email your comments to celia@sustainablecalgary.org, and/or join us May 18:


Let’s Talk About Neighbourhoods: Doors open 6:00PM. Panel 6:30-8:30PM.

The Glenbow Museum: 130 – 9th Ave SE, Main Level


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