Smart Growth

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Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Urban Development: Towards Smart Growth in Calgary is a discussion paper prepared for the Calgary Citizens’ Forum by David Couroux, Noel Keough, Byron Miller and Jesse Row. Since the mid-20th century, low density, automobile-dependent development — commonly known as suburban sprawl — has been the dominant form of development in North America. As cities have grown, however, it has become increasingly evident that sprawling development poses a serious threat to our environment, health, social network and economy.

This report presents the principles of Smart Growth as a sustainable alternative.

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Public Education Forum: Towards Smart Growth in Calgary – Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Urban Development
The event was held March 26, 2012 in the lobby of the Jack Singer Hall at was is now Arts Commons. Sustainable Calgary, The University of Calgary and the Pembina Institute, recently published a study of the barriers to and opportunities for Smart Growth as a sustainable alternative to Calgary’s sprawling, automobile dependent development. The Towards Smart Growth Forum included:

•    Smart Growth study findings and recommendations,
•    Outstanding University of Calgary student projects on sustainable community design
•    Panel of community experts
•    Interactive roundtable discussions

The panel of community experts included:

•    Dave Day – City of Calgary Manager, Environmental Services
•    Jim Dewald – Haskayne School of Business and private developer
•    Chris McFarlane – United Way Poverty Alleviation Policy Initiative
•    Byron Miller – Department of Geography and Urban Studies, University of Calgary
•    Peggy Hodroyd – Faculty of Environmental Design

Two innovative Smart Growth Projects by Faculty of Environmental Design and Urban Studies students were also presented.