Five Fast Facts -Biking and Wellbeing

1. Cycling as a mode transportation meets recommended amounts of daily exercise Stats Canada reports that 48% of Canadians are physically inactive, meaning they complete the equivalent of less than half an hour of walking per day, while another study finds that 41% of Albertans get recommended amounts of exercise per day. By cycling to […]

Happy New Year!

We hope you had a lovely holiday season! It’s been a busy first 6 months for Sustainable Calgary’s Active Neighbourhoods project in Bridgeland.  We’ve been collaborating with the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association (and many others) to find out what residents think of Bridgeland’s capacity for walking, cycling and green space – with the ultimate goal of implementing pilot design projects. Our travelling map of […]

An Active Neighbourhood is a Neighbourhood Where People Live rather than Simply Travel on Streets

What is an Active Neighbourhood? Opinion Piece 3/3 photo courtesy of Mark Dreger from San Francisco-ize An active Neighbourhood promotes physical activity and involves residents in community activities or causes. I have described what I think this means in terms of community parks, but how can this idea of “the active neighbourhood” translate into public […]

An Active Neighbourhood is a Neighbourhood Where People Live rather than Simply Spend Time in Parks

What is an Active Neighbourhood? Opinion Piece 2/3 In my last blog post, I defined Active Neighbourhoods as a neighbourhood that promotes physical activity, community involvement and encourages living, and not simply living in confined little boxes, but living within the larger community. In this blog post, I’m going to tell you about my dream […]

The Sustainability Book Club – join us tonight!

Join facilitators from Sustainable Calgary, Arusha and EcoLiving Events to discuss themes and issues affecting the city and world today. When:  Third Wednesday of each month, from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM Where: Pages Books, 1135 Kensington Road NW, 403-283-6655 It is free and Everyone is Welcome – even if you have not read the book! Please join us for […]

Walk Bridgeland: Oct 26 & 29

We had a fantastic turnout for our first Walk Bridgeland event, many thanks to those who came out to help us audit the area’s urban design. Armed with clipboards and area maps, participants set out on three separate walks led by students from the University of Calgary’s Environmental Design program. With autumn in full swing, Bridgeland […]

Walk Bridgeland – October 25, 26 and 29

We want to pick your brains – and what better time than Halloween? During the last week of October, you’re invited to help us “audit” Bridgeland’s urban design, in both conventional and unconventional ways. Less conventional: we’re asking you to document how places make you feel (you get 32 emotions to choose from). More conventional: we’ll scour […]

D.talks and Lost Spaces

Wednesday, October 1, our friends at D.talks will be discussing lost spaces. That is, under-utilized, in-between, overlooked and forgotten spaces. Over the course of the evening, speaker Matthew Passmore (MoreLab) and panelists Chris Manderson (City of Calgary) and David Law (Victoria Park BRZ) will discuss what these spaces offer and how (or if) we should […]

5 Coolest Community & Design Interventions, Calgary 2014

By KATE BECK While Calgary enjoys the last vestiges of hot summer weather, I’m taking a look back at the top five coolest community and design interventions I saw whilst biking around this summer. 1. Surfing on the wave in the Bow River Every summer I have the same conversation with many fellow Calgarians; Calgary summers are wonderful, […]