Walk Bridgeland: Oct 26 & 29

We had a fantastic turnout for our first Walk Bridgeland event, many thanks to those who came out to help us audit the area’s urban design. Armed with clipboards and area maps, participants set out on three separate walks led by students from the University of Calgary’s Environmental Design program. With autumn in full swing, Bridgeland […]

Walk Bridgeland – October 25, 26 and 29

We want to pick your brains – and what better time than Halloween? During the last week of October, you’re invited to help us “audit” Bridgeland’s urban design, in both conventional and unconventional ways. Less conventional: we’re asking you to document how places make you feel (you get 32 emotions to choose from). More conventional: we’ll scour […]

D.talks and Lost Spaces

Wednesday, October 1, our friends at D.talks will be discussing lost spaces. That is, under-utilized, in-between, overlooked and forgotten spaces. Over the course of the evening, speaker Matthew Passmore (MoreLab) and panelists Chris Manderson (City of Calgary) and David Law (Victoria Park BRZ) will discuss what these spaces offer and how (or if) we should […]

5 Coolest Community & Design Interventions, Calgary 2014

By KATE BECK While Calgary enjoys the last vestiges of hot summer weather, I’m taking a look back at the top five coolest community and design interventions I saw whilst biking around this summer. 1. Surfing on the wave in the Bow River Every summer I have the same conversation with many fellow Calgarians; Calgary summers are wonderful, […]


Research Round-up on Walking

Why you should hold your meetings on the move, drive less, and rally around good urban design. While the benefits of walking have been hailed for centuries (see Frederic Gros’ “A Philosophy of Walking“) the peer-reviewed research adding up, confirming Nietzsche’s heartfelt manifestos.  Walking really does enhance creativity – a great reason to take your brainstorming sessions […]

Long Weekend, Long Format

Whether you’re road-tripping or having a “staycation” this long weekend, we’ve found three enlightening podcasts related to walking, communities and sustainability – and one fun internet quiz from 1985! Sound perplexing? Just wait until you see your results. Walking Matters, from Ideas on CBC Radio Journalists, writers, a zookeeper and a family physician explore how […]

Buying Groceries, Bridgeland Jaunt and Your Input

Did you know that citizens attending the Bridgeland Farmers’ Market drive less on average than Ward 9 residents, and walk, carpool and drive more? Residents of Ward 9 (which encompasses other inner city neighbourhoods like Inglewood and Renfrew) in turn, walk and cycle more than the rest of Calgary on average. That being said, they still […]

Bridgeland Jaunt – August 27

What makes your neighbourhood great? What would you change, and why? And what does urban design have to do with it? To chat about these and many more questions, join Sustainable Transportation specialist Ryan Martinson for a walk through Bridgeland, à la Jane Jacobs, to swap ideas on what’s working, what isn’t, and what you can do […]

Active Neighbourhoods Profiled on Space + Place

Active Neighbourhoods was recently profiled on Space + Place, a weekly program covering architecture, the city and visual culture on CJSW 90.9FM. Space + Place is hosted by Amery Calvelli of D.Talks – a Calgary-based not-for-profit leading discussions on design and the built environment. Amery interviewed Active Neighbourhoods Lead Facilitator Celia Lee and Sustainable Calgary […]