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How to Take Your Bike on the CTrain Option 1: Bring Your Bike Along 1. Avoid Rush Hour and Events Take your bike on the CTrain on off-peak hours and on weekends! Bikes are not allowed on the CTrain from 6:30-9 am and 3-6 pm on weekends due to high volumes of riders. You may also not be allowed to bring your […]


Walk or Roll to the Polls: Party Platforms on Active Transportation, Federal Elections 2015

By Alexa Briggs With the upcoming Federal election, I’ve started thinking about issues that are important to me and researching what the parties have on offer. Municipal issues are always important and, in particular, I’ve been thinking a lot about transit and active transportation. Since becoming a mom about 7 months ago, I’ve relied far […]

Five fast facts: why we need to charge for parking

5 Fast Facts – Why We Need to Charge for Parking

By Kate Beck Book Review: The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup Free parking contributes to urban sprawl, automobile dependence, public health problems and environmental degradation. Because cities have been designed with the idea that everyone should be able to park for free wherever they are going, we have sprawling cities with more […]

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People I’ve Met While Walking or Biking

By Roxanne LeBlanc One of the things I love the most about walking or biking are the people you meet and the things you can learn simply by saying “Hi” or “Good morning” or any other greeting and using some conversation starter such as “Isn’t the weather awesome/awful/weird….”. People are usually quite happy to chat […]

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Fixing Calgary’s Food Waste

By Rebecca Dickson Calgary is becoming a mecca of sorts for food lovers and consumers. In the past few decades our restaurant scene has flourished as the city’s growing diversity of palates infuses our local ingredients with international flavours and many of our top chefs create entire dining experiences centered on sustainable, locally-sourced menus. However, […]


Snapshot: 2015 Urban Design Invitational, Bridgeland-Riverside ed.

Active Neighbourhoods (ANC) has been engaging Bridgeland-Riverside since July 2014 to find out the good, the bad and the “meh” of its public spaces, engaging over 600 residents and business owners and 22 organizations. Wednesday’s 2015 Urban Design Invitational, Bridgeland-Riverside edition, was the professional design workshop phase of the project. Using data and community feedback gathered by […]

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Calgary’s Public Art Walking Tour

By Sydney Honsberger-Grant Photos By Grace Honsberger-Grant Art: that elective you bemoaned in junior high, or the theme of all too many boring museums. It can sometimes be difficult to recognize the arts amidst pretentious critics and excessive air conditioning, but there is no denying that art can have a profound and positive value in […]