What Is Governance? And How Does It Impact Our Lives?

by Byron Miller  What is governance?  It’s not as easy a question to answer as we might think.  Most of us, when we think of governance, think of government.  We think of “the state” and the ways in which particular governments, elected by citizens, control the activities of the state.  Our elected “governments” play a […]

Good Governance: Developing Meaningful Measures

I know what you’re thinking: you care about how your city feels, how it looks, how inclusive it is, how environmentally sustainable it is and a whole host of other things; you do not care about when that Standing Policy Committees meets, and you certainly do not want to sit in a City Council meeting […]

Democracy on the ropes

Good governance versus the black arts of persuasion Published December 13, 2012 by Noel Keough in FFWD’s Viewpoint. On December 10, city council’s legislative task force debated rules for reporting gifts to the mayor and council. We learned that though the mayor apparently has a stash of gifted coffee mugs and socks, and has never received […]

Good Governance: What does this mean to you?

If someone asked you whether you were happy with the state of  “governance” in Calgary, Alberta, and Canada, what would you say? What criteria would  inform your answer? The World Bank describes governance as the “rules for the rulers”, and the “processes by which the rules are selected, defined, linked together, and [linked] with society […]

Keystone XL Pipeline: A Homemade Crisis

Whatever the outcome of the raging Keystone XL pipeline battle, it is difficult to see a scenario where Alberta comes out a winner. If the pipeline goes ahead, we go further down the road of dependence on one of the most expensive, ecologically damaging, high-risk, mega-projects on earth. If it is halted, Albertans are left […]

The Road Less Travelled: Life Beyond the Private Automobile

Marshall McLuhan once wrote “The car has become an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, and incomplete in the urban compound.” With the news last month that Calgary is at the bottom of the walkability heap according to Walk Score, isn’t it time we had a serious conversation about this urban wardrobe […]

A Tragedy in the Making

The Life and Times of the Great American Automobile The revved-up extravaganza known as the North American International Car Show took over Detroit last week. There were the usual attractions – concept cars and the latest version of the once-mighty Stingray; hype around electric cars seems to have short-circuited and now it’s back to the […]