Getting Active In Bridgeland

The sun finally broke in Calgary, making for a beautiful Saturday at the Relocalization Fair in Bridgeland! Active Neighbourhoods asked locals to weigh in on the best spots in their community—best hubs for activities such as dog-walking, lawn-bowling, coffee-drinking, people-watching, recreation and cycling. Thanks to Open Streets Calgary, Arusha Centre, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS), REAP Calgary, Women’s […]

Activity Report: Active Neighbourhoods

Celia Lee, Project Lead Facilitator for Active Neighbourhoods, reports on the project’s status and how we’ll be selecting and working with our chosen communities.  We’ve been hearing a lot about Active Neighbourhoods and what they mean; can you tell me about the main goal of the Active Neighbourhoods Project? We’ll be working with communities to help […]

Active Neighbourhoods: Destinations

Commuting to work and school can seem like the most arduous daily trips we make and therefore draw our attention. In reality, they account for just a fraction of our daily travel. The majority of our travel is for social, recreational, shopping or other purposes. Providing opportunities in our communities for people to socialize, participate in activities […]

What Is Active Transportation?

Active Transportation is about getting around by using your own steam, be that walking, biking, and even transit. It may seem strange that transit is in that same mix, but since there are usually fairly significant portions of a trip that are spent walking (be that to a transit stop or to your destination after […]

Active Neighbourhoods: Engagement

In our previous posts, we suggested that the definition of an Active Neighbourhood can have numerous connotations: green, safe, interactive, sustainable. They can include safe schools and parks, transport options, bike lanes and public spaces. For Noel Keough, Assistant Professor, Urban Design at the University of Calgary, an Active Neighbourhood includes all of those things and […]

Active Neighbourhoods: Connections

Sustainable Calgary’s newest project, Active Neighbourhoods, aims to create opportunities for citizen engagement in the planning process as well as active transport options, with the goal of making selected communities more “liveable.” Last week, we introduced the discussed how Active Neighbourhoods can signify many different things to different people. To launch our discussion, we posed […]

What Is The Active Neighbourhoods Calgary Project?

Well to start, what is an Active Neighbourhood? The concept can have many different meanings to different people. Some might define an Active Neighbourhood as being green, safe, interactive and engaged, or as having safe schools and parks, transport options, bike lanes, public spaces, healthy kids and healthy families. For some, vitality, safety and sustainability […]

The Current State of Calgary’s Waste

By Andrea Eitle  In 2007, Council adopted the goal of diverting 80 per cent of waste from landfills by the year 2020. Progress is measured in terms of the amount of waste received at the city landfills per person. The target is to reduce waste disposed of in landfills to 188kg per capita by 2020 […]

Campaign Funding Transparency Update

On October 16, our report on Campaign Funding Transparency showed that 57% of candidates polled by Sustainable Calgary had committed to disclosing their campaign financing. Several more candidates having gotten in touch with Sustainable Calgary since last week, and this number is now up to 66% of candidates  – who were polled within a week of nomination day, […]

State of our City 2013

For the past several months, we’ve been rolling out our indicators for the 2013 edition of Sustainable Calgary’s State of our City on this website.  Now we’re putting it all together! Below are links to the entire suite of blogs laying out Sustainable Calgary’s 2013 State of our City 2013.  Check out how we’re doing […]