State of Our City Reports

The Sustainable Calgary State of Our City project is an ongoing and in-depth look at the health of Calgary’s living environment. The quality of our life here in this city is sustainable only if the processes that support it generate long-term health and vitality for all. The goal of this collaborative project is to develop the necessary tools and processes to help our city move towards a sustainable future. More specifically, we are tracking Calgary’s long-term health and vitality by using a set of sustainability indicators such as rates of volunteerism, housing affordability, bird population surveys, adult literacy, transit usage, and more.

The State of Our City reports are used to:

  • Inform Calgarians of our progress toward sustainability
  • Create a focal point for discussion of sustainability issues in general and to raise these issues to a higher level of public debate
  • Provide an educational tool that can be used by teachers, private and public decision makers, as well as community organizations
  • Monitor issues, actions and policies that impact the sustainability and quality of life in Calgary
  • Provide a basis for action and to influence policy, planning and community processes
  • Demonstrate links among economic, social and ecological indicators

You can download all previous State of Our City Reports as PDF documents:


The indicators provide information to help us better understand the social, economic and environmental factors that contribute to the quality of our lives and the relationships between them. Each indicator illustrates what is happening in a particular area; combined, they provide a snapshot of the overall health of the city.

Download a copy of our Indicators Research report here

Citizen Involvement

In accordance with the principles of sustainable development, a community-based citizen involvement process was used to select the indicators and develop a program to measure them. While expertise in a particular area is valuable and a necessary contribution, we asked citizens to step out of their area of expertise and contribute with the good of the community as a whole in mind.

The success and relevance of the State of our City reports depends on your support and participation. To find out more about how you can be a part of this exciting process please check out the opportunities to participate in the Citizens’ Agenda project.

In May and June of 2004, 32 individuals who participated in the Indicator Project (which produced the SOOC reports) were interviewed as part of an effort to determine the significant personal and community outcomes of the project. The results and analysis of these interviews are published in Citizens and Sustainability: Something Real and Lasting; Sustainable Calgary Community Sustainability Indicator Project Outcomes

(Please note that we charge $10 per copy for the hardcopy version of the report. This fee is used to offset our printing costs and support future Sustainable Calgary initiatives.)