The Citizens’ Agenda Project
What happens when you ask Calgarians how to make the city healthy, vibrant and sustainable?  You get more than 1,000 people working together discussing, debating and deciding how to build a city for everyone. The result is the Citizens’ Agenda. Read more…

The Citizens’ Agenda Project Phase 2 – A City Built For Everyone
Initiated in 2007, the purpose and focus of the project is to build awareness and understanding of the Citizen Agenda policy and action priorities and engage people in making these priorities a reality. Read more…

Smart Growth
“Overcoming Barriers to Sustainable Urban Development: Towards Smart Growth in Calgary” is a discussion paper prepared for the Calgary Citizens’ Forum by David Couroux, Noel Keough, Byron Miller and Jesse Row. Read more…

Livable Laneways
On October 15, 2011, a workshop was held to advance our understanding of how can we use laneways to  build on community assets & reduce our eco‐footprint. Click here for project report


Active Neighbourhoods Calgary spent a great deal of time and effort working within Bridgeland to consider areas for improvement.

ANC Relocalization Fair – June 2014

In June of 2014, Active Neighbourhoods Calgary hosted a booth at a relocalization fair held in Bridgeland, where local food and fair were bought and sold. ANC asked that attendees place stickers on a map indicating locations in Bridgeland that represented importance to them. Photos taken at the fair are located below:

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Bridgeland Emotional Walks 

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