Active Neighbourhoods High River

Active Neighbourhoods has been partnering with Our High River and Alberta Health Services (AHS) since June 2016 to find out the good, the bad, and the “meh” of High River’s public spaces.  Engaged in this project are local residents, representatives from the Town of High River, local businesses, Family and Community Support Services, and Spinal Cord Injury Alberta.

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Based on this body of work, the community portrait below provides a snapshot of the town – what is the current state of its built and social environment?  How do residents feel about it?  What changes would they like to see?

High River Portrait page 1High River Portrait 2


The information in the community portrait fed into the 2017 Urban Design Invitational, where designers and decision-makers develop a series of “design schemes” (below) for High River and evaluate their feasibility.  Design schemes then go back to residents for feedback at the Design Selection Kiosk.


High River Schemes page 1

High River Schemes page 2 High River Schemes page 3 High River Schemes page 4 High River Schemes page 5

The results for the Selection Kiosk aren’t in yet – stay tuned!