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Active Neighbourhoods has been partnering with the Acadia Community Association (ACA) since July 2015 to find out the good, the bad, and the “meh” of Acadia’s public spaces.

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The following Community Portrait distills the information we collected, and provides a snapshot of Acadia – what does it look like, physically and socially?  How do residents feel about walking, biking and hanging out in their community?  What changes would they like to see?

Acadia Portrait page 1 Acadia Portrait page 2


This information in the community portrait fed into the 2016 Urban Design Invitational, where designers and decision-makers develop a series of “design schemes” (below) for Bridgeland-Riverside and evaluate their feasibility.  Design schemes then go back to residents for feedback at the Design Selection Kiosk.

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Acadia Scheme page 2 Acadia Scheme page 4 Acadia Scheme page 5 Acadia Schme page 3










The 2016 Design Selection Kiosk named the Pop-Up Plaza (D) the winner.


And in August 2017 we created a temporary pop-up plaza at this site, made possibly by the Alberta Traffic Safety Fund, O2 Planning + Design, the Acadia Community Association and many more!

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Acadia loaned some of this furniture back to O2 Planning + Design and Sustainable Calgary for the City of Calgary’s Park(ing) Day.

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The Harvest Table then showed up at the Acadia Community Association’s Crokicurl event in January 2018, which they funded by winning an ActivateYYC grant.

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Actions are currently underway to implement more permanent urban design changes to make Acadia safer, more walkable, and even more vibrant.




Additional Work From Collaborators:

Students from NHTV in Breda, Netherlands developed design schemes that addressed issues experienced in Acadia.