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Active Neighbourhoods is aimed at creating opportunities for citizen engagement in the planning process as well as active transportation options, with the goal of making selected communities more “liveable.” The plan is not to overhaul neighbourhoods with grand schemes, but rather to create achievable projects that will have a significant benefit in the daily lives of citizens, as identified by citizens.  Examples might include advocating for bike lanes, new green public spaces or widening sidewalks. We’ll be highlighting what an active neighbourhood and community looks like on the Sustainable Calgary blog.

The project is based on an approach piloted in four Quebec communities. The project is being led locally by Sustainable Calgary and further East in Canada by Montreal Urban Ecology Centre and the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation. Together, we’ll create a network of communities using citizen-based processes for safer and friendlier neighbourhoods and share best practices in urban planning for active transportation and active citizenship.

Twelve communities across Ontario, Quebec and Alberta were selected to participate in the project, based on their demonstrated capacity for citizen mobilization with a preference for communities where a leverage project already exists. Selected communities demonstrated their capacity to involve and engage citizens (and help engaged citizens to influence decision-makers) in order to implement concrete changes in the built environment.

Explore our work in these 12 communities here:

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And our “Community Portraits” for our 4 Alberta communities here:

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