Citizens Agenda Phase II

A City Built for Everyone

Sustainable Calgary launched the Citizens’ Agenda project in 2005. One thousand citizens volunteered 5,000 hours to the task of analyzing issues and indicators and brainstorming actions and policies to tackle the city’s most pressing issues. Ultimately these citizens selected policy and action priorities they judged would create a healthier, more caring, vibrant and sustainable Calgary and published them in a report, “The Citizens’ Agenda — A City Built for Everyone.”

The second phase of the Citizens’ Agenda was initiated in 2007 in order to build awareness and understanding of these policy and action priorities and engage people in making them a reality.

Current work on the project focuses on the community need for sustainable, equitable and smart transportation.

There are barriers to change:

  • Limited vision about options and unclear information and ideas about what sustainable, equitable options entail and how they will fit into existing neighbourhoods
  • A gap between decision-makers and citizens – citizens do not understand the change process in our city and politicians are not hearing the voices of citizens encouraging them to act
  • A rush to grow quickly – Calgary is continuing to build outward to play catch-up because of the large influx of population
  • Inconsistent implementation – there is a disconnect between sustainable and equitable transportation policies conceived at the City Hall and implementation

We are working to bridge the gaps by providing opportunities for education, discussion and citizen engagement.