Governance Indicator #2: Cultural Diversity in Leadership Positions

The synopsis:  Representation by women is up, representation by First Nations is down, and representation by visible minorities is relatively stable.  None of these groups are represented in proportion to their share of the population, with First Nations being the most under-represented in leadership. Why is representation important? Representation is one-half of the equation in […]

You’re Invited: “Women Suffrage and Beyond: Confronting the Democratic Deficit”

On October 3rd and 4th, the newly re-launched Institute of Gender Research at the UofC is hosting acclaimed researcher and author Veronica Strong-Boag – and you’re invited! Happening just weeks before Calgary’s municipal elections, this event is sure to provide insight on our systems of our governance, and how effectively they represent and lead us. […]

Democracy on the ropes

Good governance versus the black arts of persuasion Published December 13, 2012 by Noel Keough in FFWD’s Viewpoint. On December 10, city council’s legislative task force debated rules for reporting gifts to the mayor and council. We learned that though the mayor apparently has a stash of gifted coffee mugs and socks, and has never received […]