Southeast Wetlands in winter

Exploring the Rotary-Mattamy Greenway

When Mayor Nenshi proclaimed that the Rotary Mattamy Greenway, “Will be the largest pathway system in the world,” he was onto something big. For anyone who recognizes the signature wayfinding signs identifying over 138 kilometers of pathway (in combination with City of Calgary pathways), they know the paved pathway system is nothing short of amazing. […]


Marlborough’s Catwalks

      Walking through Marlborough, many Calgarians may not be aware of the network of pathways that connect Marlborough’s grid-like streets and numerous parks. These hidden gems are what Marlborough residents call “Catwalks”. Given that Marlborough has several parks and institutions, these walkways do a great job of providing connections for pedestrians to travel […]

Talking About Bicycle Superhighways

Talking About Bicycle Superhighways

Bicycle Superhighways are specialized pieces of cycle infrastructure which were first pioneered by Denmark and the Netherlands. Since the early 2000’s, Bicycle Superhighways have become an innovative method of bicycle transit emerging in many countries overseas, typically in countries with milder climates. Bicycle highways differ from the typical North American bike lane given that they […]


Access Denied!

by Roxanne Leblanc When was the last time you, or maybe someone you knew, couldn’t get into a building, or a room, or computer files for that matter?  Did you feel frustrated?  Discouraged? Angry perhaps? Now imagine living day in and day out not being able to get somewhere, or do something.  A switch or […]

Let’s talk about… McKenzie Towne!

Let’s talk about… McKenzie Towne!

In preparation for Let’s talks about… Neighbourhoods, d.talks and Active Neighbourhoods went into McKenzie Towne for a local wine tasting to find out what residents do in their hood, how they feel about it, and how they get around.  Here’s what we heard:   So how does this reflect on how we design communities?  Join us tomorrow, […]

Let's Talk About... Neighbourhoods.

Let’s talk about… Neighbourhoods.

Mark your calendars!  Wednesday, May 18, 2016 @6PM, Glenbow Museum – we’ve teamed up with d.talks, and it’s all about the suburbs of the future.  (Monorail, anyone?)  Special guests June Williamson, Susanne Schindler, Jamal Ramjohn, Jyoti Gondek, and Grace Lui.  RSVP here!

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Episode IV: The Road Awakens

Still a few spots left for the 4th Annual Safe and Smooth Symposium tomorrow!  Get your tickets here.   What to expect?  Lots of terrible puns.  I wouldn’t know any because I’m not a dad (or a dude… it  could be awhile), but you may want to google “zoo animals” and “star wars” and “puns” to […]

Surplus School Sites

Surplus School Sites – an evolving ideology for diversification?

Reflecting on my formative years growing up in the ‘60’s across the street from an elementary school, I watched the school property change as community values evolved. The driver was evolving ideologies around land use, mobility and public places in my community. Across the street and the nation perceptions of ‘safe place’ were gradually changing. […]

Activity Report

ANCYYC Activity Report

On Active Neighbourhoods in Bridgeland and Acadia Our last update saw a host of designers donating their time to Bridgeland for the 2015 Urban Design Invitational, where they developed four design schemes for the neighbourhood, rooted in resident feedback.  (For more on resident feedback gathered in Bridgeland, check out quotes from residents, and analysis of other community engagement activities.)  Designs included the […]