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The Active Neighbour Series – Episode 1: Cal Schuler

How do Calgarians get around, what barriers get in their way, and what opens the flood gates to let them explore? In the Active Neighbour blog series you will meet fellow Calgarians and learn about their experiences using active transportation in our city. How do they get around – is it fun or infuriating? Easy […]

Five Fast Facts – How Active Transportation Contributes to Good Health

1. People are less likely to be injured in areas with calm traffic    Image retrieved from Pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, and children are less likely to be injured when communities and roads are built with ways to calm traffic, including: speed bumps lower speed limits traffic circles raised medians And, as more people feel […]


What is health equity?

WHAT IS HEALTH EQUITY?  I grew up in north-west Calgary, close enough to my elementary school to walk and bike there every day. Despite this, my community was a typical suburban Calgary development – no sidewalks, no reasonable transit access, and the closest grocery store was an hour walk away.  Not exactly walkable.  After I […]

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Co-Designing the Active City: Launching New Tools for Canadian Communities

Today, Active Neighbourhoods Canada Network (ANC), a partnership between the Montréal Urban Ecology Centre (MUEC), Sustainable Calgary (SC) and the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), is launching its bilingual web platform / Canadians are increasingly recognizing the importance of co-design, which meaningfully involves citizens in the planning of their communities. These innovative practices are transforming […]


Activity Report

Happy Thursday, and Happy New Year! Sustainable Calgary is excited to be embarking on several new and re-newed projects in 2018.  To catch up on our past participatory design work with Active Neighbourhoods Canada, check out these links on High River, Marlborough, Acadia and Bridgeland-Riverside.  So far, three Alberta communities have either implemented proposed design projects, or […]

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Acadia Pop Rocks – August 19, 2017, 10AM-4PM

You’re invited! The parking lot at 430 Acadia Dr SW is being turned into an outdoor living room on August 19, 2017, from 10AM-4PM – coinciding with the Acadia Parade of Garage Sales. Featuring new, designed-for-Acadia furniture, espresso, a pop-up bookstore, bocce ball, ping pong, board games, arts & crafts, complimentary snacks, and simple traffic calming along Acadia Drive. […]

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Call for Proposals – YYC Artists and Designers

Active Neighbourhoods invites artist-design teams to submit their qualifications to create a vibrant, temporary public space in a SE community parking lot, on a $12,000-$14,500 budget.  The project will be revealed on August 19 as part of a local event. About the Active Neighbourhoods project How can the design of our communities contribute to health, […]


Snapshot: 2017 Urban Design Invitational, Marlborough ed.

The 2017 Urban Design Invitational, Marlborough ed., dawned mild and sunny after the weekend’s Snowpocalypse.  A HUGE thanks to all those who donated their time!   Every time we hold this event, I am overcome by the enthusiasm, skill and creativity that participants bring to the work. A few highlights of the day: the concept of […]


Urban Scheming: Acadia residents weigh in

Four schemes devised at the 2016 Urban Design Invitational were presented to Acadia residents at Neighbour Day in June 2016 and the Stampede BBQ in July 2016.  Locals cast their votes and provided feedback.  Here’s what we brought, and here’s what they had to say.           Comments: The idea of bringing business to the […]