Our very own fiscal cliff

Calgary’s growth management strategy under siege South of the border there is much gnashing of teeth over the impending “fiscal cliff” on which the United States economy teeters. Meanwhile, here in Calgary, a proposed plan to avoid our very own fiscal cliff — a tsunami of infrastructure spending and maintenance that will bury us if […]

Cooperative Approaches to a New Economy

Interested in new approaches to Sustainable Economic Development? Mike Lewis, author of Resilience Imperative: Cooperative Transitions to a Steady State Economy will be in Calgary next week May 29 (evening lecture at Downtown Library) and 30 (morning Cooperatives Workshop at Headspace in Sunalta) and May 30 afternoon (Calgary Economic Development) for these events.

Release of the 2011 State of Our City Report

The fourth State of Our City report found that worsening social and ecological deficits have resulted from two critical challenges: persistent inequality and sprawl. Other findings were: improved stewardship for the natural environment, unsustainable energy use, significant decreases in crime rates, and signs that our health status may have peaked.