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How to Take Your Bike on the CTrain

Option 1: Bring Your Bike Along
1. Avoid Rush Hour and Events
Take your bike on the CTrain on off-peak hours and on weekends! Bikes are not allowed on the CTrain from 6:30-9 am and 3-6 pm on weekends due to high volumes of riders. You may also not be allowed to bring your bike on transit before and after events like hockey games or concerts due to crowds.

2. Your Bike Rides for Free
Unlike some cities, CTrain riders don’t need to buy a specific kind of ticket to bring their bikes on the CTrain. Buy a standard fare  and be on your way.

3.Enter in the Front or Back of Each Car
When loading your bike (and yourself) on the CTrain, enter through the front and back doors of each car. It’s easiest to limit the number of bikes to 4 per car; 2 in the front and 2 in the back.

4. Who Gets On (and Off) First?
If you’ve got a bike, let bikeless passengers get on and off the CTrain first.

5. Don’t Leave a Bike Alone
Like children, bikes don’t like to be and shouldn’t be left alone on the CTrain. Stand with your bike during your ride.

Option 2: Park and Ride
Bike Racks
All CTrain Stations are equipped with bike racks.

Bike Lockers
12 of Calgary’s CTrain stations have secure, weatherproof bike lockers available that you can rent for about $12 a month. For more information on renting bike lockers, follow this link.

The Scoop on Bikes and Buses
Unless you’re riding the #20, bringing your bike on the bus takes a lot of luck. The 20 bus route consistently has bike racks on its buses, however all other routes may or may not be equipped with racks.
The City of Calgary plans to have all buses equipped with bike racks within the next 30 years. To meet this goal, they add 50 buses with bike racks to their fleet per year. Unfortunately, riders have no way of knowing which bus on which routes are equipped with bike racks.

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