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Bridgeland – What is the Community Saying?


“Bridgeland has more diversity, we fit in here as a family.”

For the last year, Active Neighbourhoods has been working with residents, business owners and the community association in Bridgeland to engage citizens in the planning and development occurring in the neighbourhood and improve the community’s access to active transportation options.

We have collected a number of photos and quotes from community members about what they thing the Bridgeland community needs more of.

Memorial Drive and Edmonton Trail

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“There should be a pedestrian and bike bridge across Memorial.”

“We need to add bike lanes, wider sidewalk, reduce [car] lanes in this intersection.”

“Bud’s Building [on Edmonton Trail near Memorial Drive] is covered in lots of graffiti, and feels dangerous. It’s actually a heritage building, could this be a reason to clean the building up?”

“All the cross walks between Memorial and the bottom of the hill on 4th Street NE feel dangerous because they are difficult to access for pedestrians and pedestrians are often not visible to cars”

The Bridgeland-Downtown Connection

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“Right now, the only pleasant way to walk or bike downtown [from Bridgeland] is to cross at the LRT station. The other bridges [4th Ave and 5th Ave] have too much traffic and feel pretty unsafe.”

“There should be a pedestrian and bike bridge across Memorial.”

“Its difficult and unattractive to access the river and the downtown core from Memorial”

“In 5 years, with the completion of East Village, I hope the East Village residents will feel engaged by Bridgeland, especially in the early days when there won’t be many businesses in East Village. If those residents don’t have a way to easily, quickly and safely walk to Bridgeland, then that is something that we will have to figure out, and that will increase walk-by traffic for our local businesses.”

1st Avenue North East

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“The pizza bar [916 1st Ave] is great, but do people know it’s there?”

“Luke’s Drug Mart does a great job with lighting and snow removal.  It contributes to safety and accessibility.”

“Blue Star has done a great job of bringing people and vibrancy to their block.”

“Because Starbucks is open late, walking [by the General Plaza on 1st Ave and 9th Street] feels safer.”

“1st Ave is quite wide near Langevin Elementary school, which often makes drivers feel like they can go faster. Narrowing the road will slow down traffic.”

“There are some long stretches without benches on 1st Ave, we need more benches for seniors to stop along the way.”

“As a business owner and resident, I’d like to see more outdoor patios. They put more life on the street. In general, we need more life on the street, whether that’s trees or plants or people. It’s the quickest and easiest way to have a big impact. Create outdoor spaces where people are going to go.”

“I want more roundabouts, in the neighbourhoods in general.  In Australia there are lots of roundabouts with gardens, where people sit and watch over the street.  [With roundabouts there is] less stopping and starting, and fewer emissions associated with this kind of intersection.”

“Cars on 1st Ave often don’t stop for pedestrians.”

“[As a business owner, it’s frustrating because] businesses aren’t allowed to put out signs.   We need permits, and even then, the locations we can put our signs are limited.  The businesses [on 1st Ave] need more visibility, but we also want to make sure it’s sensible signage, in terms of aesthetics”

“The parking lot across from the school on 1st Ave creates a long stretch of empty, dark space after 6:00pm. During the day the areas seems friendly, but at night it’s totally empty!”

9th Street North East and the LRT Station

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“The crosswalk to the C-Train station is so close to the turn-off from Memorial Drive, cars are moving really quickly.”

“On 9th Ave there isn’t anywhere else to go besides the train station. It’s sort of a dead zone.”

“The LRT Station feels unsafe, it would be great to create the station as an entrance to the Bridgeland community, to make it a destination with cafes or restaurants.”

“It would be great to make 9th Street more happening, it would be great to have more shops on the street?”

“We need better lighting and more people at C-train stop.  Seniors won’t take the LRT late at night.”

Bridgeland Community Centre and Community Park

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“It would be great to have more benches in the community centre area.”

“There is no ramp to the community centre, which makes it difficult to access for people in wheelchairs or with walkers or strollers”

“I wouldn’t walk through park by the community association at night, there are too many dips and bushes.”

“I love the Farmers’ Market, it has changed my lifestyle.  Many other seniors do too.”

“It would be great to have a shuttle bus from Bridgeland’s seniors’ homes that go to the Farmers’ Market every week.”

Tom Campbell Hill Park

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“On a nice day, you can find 100 people and their dogs, including dog-walking companies”

“Tom Campbell Park is a natural nesting area, we shouldn’t allow large off-leash areas except very limited fenced areas.  Natural nesting first!”

“Leave Tom Campbell Hill alone and natural.”

“Protect our limited green space!”

Pathways in Bridgeland

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“We need links/bridges to connect and expand pathways on the escarpment to Crescent Heights and Sunnyside.”

“The pathways along the Bow River, north of the Zoo need to respect ground nesters’ habitat!”

“No one is on the Bow River pathways at night. We need more restaurants and bars. People will attract people.”

South Bridgeland

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“Some of the intersections in this area feel unsafe, specifically 8th Street and 9th Ave SE intersection”

“Next to the Children’s Cottage and the tennis courts, it’s confusing as to where to walk. There are no lines painted, there’s a curb cut here and there, but the pedestrian path is not clearly marked.  It might be a good place for a shared space or change in texture?”

The Neighbourhood – Services, Amenities and Programming

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“We need annual events at St Patrick’s island.””Bridgeland definitely needs a skating rink.”

“The old General Hospital is a big part of our history.”

“There’s a natural amphitheatre by the Bridgeland Community Centre, it would be great to make this area into a better music venue.”

“Luke’s Drug Mart has done a fabulous job lighting up their storefront, and providing activities for different groups of people.”

 “The hubs of activity are not dispersed through the community enough. When new places go in, we need to think about dispersal.”

“We should be preserving our history better. The Bridgeland Bungalow, the Cecil Hotel, Langevin School, the firehall and the Lutheran Church are all important.”

Getting Around Bridgeland

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“There is good access to city transit with the Bus #9 and the c-train.”“Let’s leverage what already exists, like the wide sidewalks in the neighbourhood.  There’s great pedestrian potential in Bridgeland.”

“There’s really good access to the bikelanes from Bridgeland.”

“In the winter, there’s often snow in the way of the curbs, it’s especially difficult to cross if you have mobility issues, like with a walker or scooter. Why can’t this be shovelled or cleared?”

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