Part 3 of 3: What can Calgary learn from Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy?

Photo Credit: Edmonton Journal http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/Edmonton+adopts+winter+city+strategy/7479071/story.html

Calgarians don’t like to admit that Edmonton has us beat in some respects, but in terms of designing a city strategy that aims to create a vibrant, well-functioning winter city, we think Calgary could take a few pointers from our rival to the North.

Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy

The City of Edmonton’s WinterCity Strategy explores the potential that winter can offer the city’s residents, businesses, industry and visitors in terms of creating a more inviting, vibrant and prosperous city during the winter. From street hockey tournaments and signature winter drinks to building public gathering places designed to capture sunlight and block the wind, the City of Edmonton aims to create a more vibrant and authentically Edmonton winter city by focusing on 10 goals that call for social, cultural and economic change.

Check out 25 Reasons to Love Edmonton's Winters http://www.avenueedmonton.com/December-2011/25-Reasons-to-Love-Edmonton-Winters/

Check out 25 Reasons to Love Edmonton’s Winters

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Check out Edmonton's Freezeway Proposal https://sourceable.net/edmonton-freezeway-encourages-active-winter-lifestyle/

Check out Edmonton’s Freezeway Proposal https://sourceable.net/edmonton-freezeway-encourages-active-winter-lifestyle/

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photo credit: http://www.makesomethingedmonton.ca/news/a-lot-to-like-about-edmonton-winters/

IllumiNITE Edmonton Sculpture Competition http://eote.ca/illuminite photo credit: http://www.makesomethingedmonton.ca/news/a-lot-to-like-about-edmonton-winters/

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Check out Edmonton's Ski to the LRT Plan http://globalnews.ca/news/1804903/taking-lrt-you-can-now-ski-to-the-century-park-station/

Check out Edmonton’s Ski to the LRT Plan http://globalnews.ca/news/1804903/taking-lrt-you-can-now-ski-to-the-century-park-station/


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Check out Edmonton’s WinterCity Implementation Plan herehttp://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/documents/TheLoveofWinter-ImplementationPlan.pdf or follow WinterCity Edmonton on twitter herehttps://twitter.com/wintercityyeg

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