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Calgary’s Wild Berry Patches

Photo Credit: Cabin Organic

One of our favourite parts about Calgary summers are the Saskatoon berries and wild raspberries, and we aren’t just talking about the famous Saskatoon berry pie from Pearson Berry Farms sold at Calgary’s Farmer’s Market. Active Neighbourhood’s Roxanne LeBlanc has shared a number of her secret wild berry patches around our city. Do you have some wild berry patch locations you would like to add to the map? Email us at or leave a comment below.

Please be well informed about which plants are edible and which are not when picking wild berries. Check out this website to read up on edible berries in Alberta!

Saskatoon Berries
Saskatoon berries grow along riverbanks of the Bow and Elbow, as well as on hillsides.  They begin to ripen in mid to late June, depending on the location and can be found right through until early to mid August.  Bushes located further south will ripen soonest.

Watch for Saskatoon bushes along the bikepath above Beaverdam flats, the river pathway through Inglewood and Stanley Park. There are even a couple of bushes right next to the Trans Canada Trail pavilion at Eau Claire.

Chokecherry bushes can be found in even more locations than Saskatoons and ripen a bit later in the year.

Raspberry bushes, although not as common, are out there for the picking as well.


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 1. Paskapoo Slopes
Paskapoo slopes is home to an array of berries, the most prevalent being Saskatoon berries, chokecherries and gooseberries.

2. Edworthy Park
Edworthy Park has an abundance of Saskatoon berries along the banks of the Bow River.

3. Stanley Park
Stanley Park’s river pathway has many Saskatoon berries.

 4. Inglewood Riverside
There are a number of Saskatoon berries along the Inglewood River Pathway.

5.  Beaverdam Flats
The Beaverdam Flats bike paths have a number of Saskatoon berry bushes.


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