Pedestrians of Calgary – Winter 2014/2015

For years, the majority of people in our city have assumed that once the temperatures drop below 0 C and the snow drifts begin to build up, we put away our walking shoes, tuck our bikes into the garage and bundle into our cars for 8 months until the walking and cycling weather returns.

But this winter, the Active Neighbourhoods team spent a lot of time thinking about walking and biking in our winter city, and we started to realize just how many people walk and bike in Calgary, even through those -20 C conditions.

We decided to start talking with these people we were seeing, firstly to figure out exactly why they were walking and biking in the winter, and secondly to make sure these people are getting recognized, to give the winter pedestrians and cyclists of Calgary a voice.

Noel and Jarred, -15 C














Tip for walking in the winter “keep moving”

Mary Anne, -17 C















“walking in the winter isn’t that bad but it’s a lot easier when people shovel their sidewalks well”


Vi, -12 C
















“I actually don’t like walking in the cold much, I really wanted to buy a bike to commute to work this winter, but my condo building doesn’t have bike racks.”


Ricki, -12 C
















“I walk to work in the winter because I love the fresh air, and my tip for walking in the winter is to wear long underwear!”


Will and Paul, -8 C

Will and Paul

“Walking in the cold is a great way to relieve a hang over on a Sunday morning.”


Lindsey and Christie, -10 C

Lindsey and Christie

Winter walking tip: Good Footwear


Bridgeland couple

“Walking around Bridgeland in the winter is a great way to get us out of the house each day and avoid cabin fever, especially now with the baby.”
Winter walking tip: “Well I walk everywhere, and when its colder I just walk faster”


Kate2-150x150Kate Beck is an aspiring urban planner who’s passionate about streets, social justice, bicycles and rock climbing. She spent the summer helping to connect Active Neighbourhoods with the Bridgeland community. She has recently finished a degree in geography at University of British Columbia in Vancouver.



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