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We hope you had a lovely holiday season!

It’s been a busy first 6 months for Sustainable Calgary’s Active Neighbourhoods project in Bridgeland.  We’ve been collaborating with the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association (and many others) to find out what residents think of Bridgeland’s capacity for walking, cycling and green space – with the ultimate goal of implementing pilot design projects.

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Our travelling map of Bridgeland (with stickers and sticky notes for resident feedback) has attended 6 Famers’ Markets and fairs, and spent 3 afternoons in Bridgeland’s General Plaza.  The clear winners of this exercise were the 3-5 year-olds, spending an average of 45 minutes each at the map, and engaging passers-by tirelessly.

The students of the University of Calgary’s faculty of Environmental Design became involved in the project in September, completing 1 Household Survey (120 households); 8 community Walk Audits and Emotional Mapping walks; 4 Location Observations (Memorial/Edmonton TrailLRT Station; General Plaza; 1st Ave/10th Street NE); 18 Empathy Walks; and 18 papers providing their feedback on the experience.

ANC staff are currently hard at work counting things in Bridgeland – pedestrians, cyclists, bike racks, benches, and bus shelters.  (If you like counting things, and would like to get involved, please be in touch at mybridgeland@sustainablecalgary.org.)  All of the data we’re collecting will be summarized in a Bridgeland “Community Portrait”.

Approximately 70 students in the Netherlands are also currently working on 12 design projects for Bridgeland, grounded in the data we’ve collected, which they will present in March at Safer Calgary‘s Safe and Smooth Symposium.  Bridgeland residents, City planners, decision-makers and designers will then have the opportunity to weigh in on these designs – to draw out and shape concepts that can be implemented within 2 years.

And as we’re doing this, we’re also getting started with our next 3 communities!

We are really excited about the potential of this work, which, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, acknowledges the important links between urban form and public health.   We are also thrilled at the number of people who have expressed interest in volunteering, and we will send emails as opportunities arise.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 12.55.43 AMThank you for your continued interest in the work of Sustainable Calgary, and we wish you all the best for 2015!


Celia Lee

Lead Facilitator, Active Neighbourhoods




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