State of our City 2013

For the past several months, we’ve been rolling out our indicators for the 2013 edition of Sustainable Calgary’s State of our City on this website.  Now we’re putting it all together!

Below are links to the entire suite of blogs laying out Sustainable Calgary’s 2013 State of our City 2013.  Check out how we’re doing in our community, economy, education system, natural environment, use of resources, and – in our exciting new suite of indicators – governance systems.

We hope you’ve found our blogs engaging and informative, and we’ll keep you posted on the final report!

State of our City 2013 Rolls Out

Community Indicators 

Economic Indicators

Education Indicators

Natural Environment Indicators

Resource Use Indicators

Wellness Indicators

Governance Indicators

Effectiveness of Planning

Cultural Diversity in Leadership Positions 

Representativeness of Electoral System – Unearned Runs (Seats) Average 

Governance and Finance

Campaign Financing Transparency 

To view past reports, click here.


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