Sustainable Calgary (SC) is a citizen-led, non-profit organization started in 1996 when a group of Calgarians came together to discuss ways to improve the sustainability of our city. They were motivated in part by a dissatisfaction with the narrow set of economic indicators that drove public policy-making and decided a first step in creating a more sustainable Calgary was redefining how we measured progress. Inspired by the work of Sustainable Seattle, Sustainable Calgary Society embarked on a project to identify, research and report on a set of community sustainability indicators and asked Calgarians to help with the task. Through a rigorous process of research, citizen engagement, discussion and elimination, the group identified 36 community sustainability indicators to measure the state of our city. Through this process and the energy and enthusiasm it generated, SC was born.


To promote, encourage and support community-level actions and initiatives that move Calgary towards a sustainable future. In the context of our urban lives, we define sustainable development as the process of working towards the long-term health and vitality of our city and its citizens with regard to ecological, social, cultural and economic processes.


To create the first sustainable city in Canada


Good sustainable development should:

  • Maintain or enhance ecological integrity
  • Promote sustainable economic development
  • Promote social equity
  • Encourage democratic participation in decision-making
  • Judge development strategies on long-term effects, not just short-term gains

What We Do:

  • Create opportunities to learn about sustainable living principles, policies and practices such as education forums and workshop.
  • Promote dialogue among diverse groups of people including local residents and decision-makers about policies and issues.
  • Develop tools to monitor Calgary’s long-term sustainability and quality of life and well being.
  • Conduct research and write reports about sustainability issues and policies.
  • Advocate for sustainable principles and take action.

Want to get involved?

Sustainable Calgary is located at:

321, 223 12 Ave. S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2R 0G9
Phone (403) 270-0777
Email:  info@sustainablecalgary.org

Sustainable Calgary is a volunteer organization without regular office staff at this time. Your patience is appreciated. Please leave a message if we are not available and we will contact you.